B.O.S.S. the 3 letter word

I have had “employees” for over a year now and nobody ever told me what the word “boss” actually meant.  I knew that I was/am in charge of daily tasks, making sure everyone has what they need, working longer hours than everyone else and more boring tasks that nobody else wants to do. I knew these things but what I did not know what how much more this title meant. 

I have spent most of my life serving others, and now I feel like I have gotten to the final level and I am struggling to beat the final big boss to win this game. 

Realizing that I do not have the tools to become the boss I set out to be was a very hard realization for me. I suck at managing people, not because I don’t care about them, but because I havent yet figured out how other people learn.  As a boss your job is to lead others, and not just to have them follow you your goals and your dreams but to lead them to their own happiness. 

Being a boss means that you need to first be a good leader, and being a good leader requires more than just the results you get on paper. A leader must give others a purpose they didn’t have before. Lead by example not just in your work ethic but by being true to yourself your happiness and values