Change the way you speak to yourself in 2020

I don’t know how many times last year I cried and said I quit. Or this is too hard... or I'm a failure. My mindset for a few months was borderline embarrassing. I convinced myself that no matter what I did or what happened I was going to endure some set back and I let myself stay in that negative space for way too long. 

I am challenging myself this year to change 12 bad habits. This month I decided that I would not be able to change anything unless I changed my mindset first. Working on changing the way I speak to myself is has got to be step one. No matter what I want to walk out into the world with the protection of self-love and positive self-worth because without that I cannot pass it on to others.  

I know as well as anyone that changing your thought process is hard and you have to work on it every day. Below are some of my new go to ways to keep me centered in positive thoughts. 

1: Podcast

I am a true believer in the power of words. I have recently stopped listening to mindless music (not saying cut all music off) but I found myself listening to music in the morning and it was becoming a distraction for me. I have been binge listening to Gary Vee and getting myself hyped to change the world every morning. 

2. Positive affirmations

I have google play positive affirmations for about 20 mins in the morning. I find clarity and focus when I hear positive words over and over.  I repeat them to myself out loud which helps me believe the words that are being spoken. 

3: Connecting 

Every day I try to connect with people who are like minded and speak positively.  In the same respect I also avoid people who do not have the same energy, and if I cannot avoid them, I listen to them without indulging in them.  

Find out what keeps you in the space you deserve to be in !!