Easy tips to monetize your content.

Social media is hard!! It is another full-time job with no pay. IT SUCKS!! 

However, … in today's world it is literally your visual look book! It is how you showcase your work. In some industries (like the one I am in) if you don’t show up on a google search you must be terrible at your job. I spent years on social media not really understanding why I wanted followers or what kind of followers I needed to reach. I did the famous “pay for followers” to get attention, not knowing that attention didn’t pay my bills. 

Over the past 2 years I have dedicated my social media to become a way for me to make a living. I have completely built my business from Instagram and Facebook. I can say this with confidence because I launched my business fb (the salons fb) with more knowledge than I had before, and my first salon location had no outside marketing. THERE WERE NO OUTSIDE SIGNS …. NOT ONE. 

Here are a few ways to monetize your social media to make sure you are reaching clients that are going to pay for you work. 

Tip 1: don’t give up too fast... If something doesn’t work right away it's not the end of the world. I work in 3’s, three post, three weeks, or three months.  Set yourself up with a POA (plan of action) when it comes to how long you should keep doing the same thing. The key to social media success is to keep up with the trends and keep your followers engaged. 

Tip 2: Do you know who your target market it? This might be the most important thing to understand and really focus on when monetizing your social media. Do you even know who you are selling to? And who wants to buy your product?  If you can’t answer these questions, then you need to STOP right here and figure it out. You could have a huge audience and none of them could be buying into your brand. The key to a successful brand is KNOWING YOUR TARGET MARKET.

Tip 3: Take inventory of your current followers! Someone once told me this and I almost passed out. I have so many followers I almost refused to do this. This should be done after you know who your target market is. Scroll through your list of followers and get rid of the dead weight. 

Tip 4: BOOST YOUR POST. Yes, I know … it cost money. Do you know that for $5 you can reach your specific market? Well know you do. Boost a post and check the stats on it to see how well you know your target market. Have you ever googled something and it popped up in your Instagram feed and thought “damn the internet is watching me” … it's not. Some business owner targeted you by boosting a post that may interest you based off your google search. BE THAT BUSINESS OWNER. 

ADDITIONAL TIP: automating your post is a great tool to free up some time and keep you from blast posting. Intentional posting not only releases you from being a slave to your phone, but it also makes you look like a boss and keeps you on top of your game for the future.