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Here's to my first interview with a fellow single mom entrepreneur !!! I am so happy to have been able to get Sparkle Grose to answer some questions for me. I do not know Sparkle personally but we have been friends on social media for some time now and watching her become even more successful each day is a blessing! Here is a little about Sparkle from her own mouth and a few questions to get to know her better. I hope you all enjoy her as much as I do!

I am owner and lead hair and makeup artist of Les Bourgeois Artistry, a bridal and special events hair and makeup company comprised of several talented and licensed hair and makeup artists. I have been doing bridal since 2015 but I was mostly working on bridal teams. I officially started my own bridal company in 2018 with just me as the artist working freelance. I now have 5 other artists working for me and my own luxury beauty lounge. I have done everything from editorial and commercial, to T.V. but bridal and special events are my money maker. I have also done work for TvOne and NateGeo as well as for politicians such as Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, former vice president Dick Cheney as well as his daughter and a few others. My company has been featured in Marie Claire, Style Me Pretty, Borrowed and Blue, The Black-Tie Bride and Martha Stewart Weddings just to name a few and have received the Weddingwire Couple’s Choice Award for the last 3 years in a row.

Leah: What are your biggest struggles being a single mom and a business owner?  

Sparkle:  There are so many struggles I don't even know where to start. Finding enough time in a day to get everything done would be one. I have daycare mon-fri from 7am - 6pm and so that's the time I have to get everything done because once I get home, my kid demands all of my attention, not to mention I have to make dinner, get him bathed and ready for bed and once he is sleep I do the same for myself. Often, I am up late at night getting admin work done because it is hard to get it done while my son is still awake. My second equally challenge being a mompreneur is finding childcare on the weekends. I don't have much family where I live so they aren't much of a help. Lately my brother has been super helpful with keeping him on the weekends if he is not busy, but I spend so much money in childcare.

(some of Sparkle's bridal work)

Leah: What made you want to be a business owner when you were already taking on so much as a single mom already?

Sparkle: I guess when I decided to do this, I didn't look at it as becoming a business owner. I just knew I couldn't work for someone else. I would never work as hard for someone else as I do myself. I was a lazy worker. I remember working in the salon and my manager giving us pep talks trying to motivate us to work hard. She worked all day everyday so hard for only $50,000 a year. She was complacent with that. I guess she thought that was a lot. I could not wrap my head around me busting my butt to make someone else rich while I'm still struggling. That is modern day slavery and that is the reason I went into business for myself. I knew I wasn't born to be a worker bee I was born to be the queen bee.

Leah: How were you able to take on your business and be a single mom?

Sparkle: I had to learn to be a little more organized. Prior to having my son, I was not an organized person and I was very impulsive and spontaneous. I have had to learn to be a lot more organized and to plan out things. Planning things out ahead of time has made being a single mom and business owner a lot easier. I struggled a lot in the beginning with this and it was hurting my business, but once I got the hang of things and in a rhythm it made the balance a lot easier.

Leah:  How do you manage your time as a single mom and a business owner?

Sparkle: my son has me every evening after daycare and after I finish working on Saturdays. On Sundays, I try to make that our day. Balancing the mom and work life is pretty easy. It is adding in a personal life that is a struggle. I still haven't quite figured out how to do that yet. I feel guilty leaving my son with my brother just to go out, and I don't want to waste extra money hiring a babysitter to go out, especially on a date.

(more of Sparkle's work: before and after hair and makeup)

Leah: Do you have any advice for other single moms who are thinking about becoming business owners?

Sparkle : My advice would be to be sure it is something you really want and can do. Really know the kind of person you are. If you aren't a very motivated person, if you aren't a person who takes initiative, and if you aren't strong willed, then I wouldn't suggest becoming a business owner. Everyone thinks it's so cool and so easy, but the reality is, it will probably be one of the most challenging things you have ever done in your life. There will be many times you will doubt yourself and want to quit and there will be many mistakes made but you have to have the will and determination to keep pressing forward. I think people need to know going into business that at some point you will fail so you can't be afraid of failing. Success comes from failure; it is a learning lesson. Failure is only final if you give up but if you learn from your failures there is no limit to what you can achieve.

I hope you guys enjoyed hearing another perspective and let me know what questions you have for future guest on the blog!!

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