Tips for Relocating your Business

Being a single parent is hard enough. Being a single parent while running a business is exhausting. When you are gearing up to expand your business and move locations it may seem overwhelming at times. Here are a few tips to help you stay organized and on task while still keeping your sanity !

Tips for Relocating your Business

Moving your business can be a frustratingly intricate and complex process. Organising staff, dealing with bulky furniture and delicate electronics, the list goes on. On top of this, there isn’t often a lot of time to get it all done, between trying to get it done when all the staff are around to help and whilst still trying to get work done, as it is still a business. Here are my top tips on making that process flow just that little bit easier.

1. It is never to early to start planning

Moving office will require more planning than moving homes, as you will need to organise in the midst of getting the regular day to day work done in the office. Firstly, it is good to start by deciding who is doing what around the office and when it needs to be done by. This way you can avoid any last-minute panic which results in less business work getting done. Also, it is a good idea to plan so that non-essential objects and belongings start to go over first so that you’re not moving all at once. In addition to this, have a plan of what is going to happen and where things will go once you’re in the new office space.

2. Use a removalist

As mentioned earlier, you’re going to be battling between the move and having productive workdays. The best way to minimize this is by getting help. Getting removalist’s to come in and help move things in advance whilst employees can delve into their work will help you make the most of everyone’s time, from a business perspective.

3. Have everyone pack their own workspace

Once everyone is aware of when the move is, the next step is to make sure everyone is in charge packing up their own desk. It will be key to make sure everyone has enough boxes for this step. The best way to ensure this, is by using a company that hires out boxes. Companies such as Hire A Box are perfect for such an occasion.

4. Make sure to celebrate!

Relocating office is a stressful time, so when it is all said and done, don’t forget to celebrate. As thanks to everyone in the office for all their help, it is a good idea to allow a little bit of company budget to go towards a party or outing of some sort, to relieve the stress. This way, the office can get back to its efficient self faster and will make the transition feel worth it.

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