You are worth being Yourself

Be yourself … everyone else is already reserved 

OK, OK … Its cliche ... I know this, but, it is so true. As I write this blog and plan for my future, I too look to others to help with my road map, but you have to put your own swag on your success. Nobody wants to follow a robot, there is nothing authentic about that. Take your time figuring out you own path to success. Here are a few things that helped me along the way ...

Take 1: Music... yeah, its generic but I do my best work in a zone bumping Beyoncé. So much that I named one of my services after her. It might sound so basic but trust me every one of my clients want to feel like they get “the Beyoncé” treatment. And, its not because they admire the star it's because I make them feel the way I do when I'm inspired by music. Creativity breeds more creativity. 

Take 2: Scenery …. where do you do your best work-? If you don’t know find it fast! The salon office is not it for me. That is not where I do my best work. The staff calls me at the worst time, it never fails. When I leave them alone they excel !! If I am there, they question their work. I find that the best place to work is anywhere I can be left alone, where I don’t know anyone, and I can put in headphones and work. If you must create your own calm do it but here is a list of places that other Entrepreneur's go to do work... 

Coffee shops 

Home office 

You own space when nobody is there 

Drives In places you may not often drive 

Take 3: Have a plan... You have to have a plan for your plan. People plan all day, what they are going to do when they get home what they are going to do when they sit down, what they are going to eat ….most of the

time they fail and do you want to know why? Because they plan to. 

Each task should have its own plan. And I am so serious about this. You can't just plan to “cook dinner” even though that is a great start but what are you cooking for dinner. It is the same for your business. You can plan to work on your business but what part are you working on today. I have to plan to write this blog and do inventory and budgets all at different times of the day. 


Nothing is more important that to have an idea and sit on it... your idea is great but you may not be the only person to think of it so you must do your research it. I will never forget being charged $1300 for using a picture in my first blog because I didn’t know about copyright.  Ask friends ask the internet and ask a lawyer (in the last blog post about your new bff’s) if your idea is an idea you can make legal money off of.