Your new BFF's as a business owner

STOP! Before you grow you need a few new best friends...

I have been in business for less than 2 years, and I already wish I had understood the importance of a coach, an accountant, and a lawyer. I did not want to spend the money on these new best friends when I started my business, but I had no idea how much that decision would cost me in the future. 

What do these new best friends do? Well the short version of it is THEY SAVE YOU MONEY TIME AND EMOTIONAL STRESS. 

The accountant friend... 

 Nothing ... and I mean nothing would make me want to close shop like a letter from the IRS. I just don’t want to deal with them at all. Thankfully I had a client who wanted to make sure I didn’t find myself super behind when I started my business. He showed me how to use a payroll system and he made sure my books were straight. Your accountant will provide you with a P&L statement (profit and loss) which you will need when you ask for a loan (if you decide to do so) or business credit card. Accountants can also FIND MONEY … yes you heard me right. They can look at your spending and catch things that may not have been accounted for. The thing I most like about this best friend is that they keep me organized financially and help me understand how much money I am spending and making. 

The Coach friend … 

Thankfully I was almost forced by my salon centric rep to get some coaching services, and I am so glad I decided to spend the money when I did on this part of my business. My coach is like the best boss I never knew I needed. Let face it, most entrepreneur want to “be their own boss” but cant hold themselves accountable to manage or lead a team successfully. A business coach can give you a map to success that you can follow. I would suggest consulting with a coach that is specific to your business.

The lawyer friend … 

I have yet to find one of these! But trust me I am working on finding a good fit for my company. Don’t get just any lawyer (because a divorce attorney cant really help you here) You need a business attorney and most of them also handle employment law as well. This way you don’t end up with a major lawsuit on your hands and they can also go over any contracts before you sign them and negotiate on your behalf.

These new best friends will save you a lot of hard work if you get them sooner rather than later!